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Waiter’s Friend Corkscrews.

Professional corkscrews are simple, comfortable to use & easily fit into your pocket. Our best corkscrews are streamlined & lightweight, with effective lever action for easy cork lifting. Waiter’s Friend corkscrews are designed with a sharp knife for foil splicing, a long worm, or spiral, to tackle those tougher corks & a beer bottle opener.

Winged / Lever Model Corkscrews.

For a consistent, smooth opening of bottles, winged or lever corkscrews provide a comfortable fit. Complete with a long worm spiral, use the lever to easily press down & release the cork for that satisfying ‘pop’.

Foil Cutters.

Foil cutters are a quick & easy way to remove the foil covering from bottles of wine. Choose from purpose-made wine bottle foil cutters or our Pirouette Waiter’s Friends with an in-built 4-wheel Wine Foil Cutter, to neatly slice the foil away.

Butler’s Thief.

Smoothly handle any stubborn or crumbling corks with a Butler’s Thief Cork Remover. Its smart design slides 2 blades on either side of the cork to gently de-cork your bottle of vintage.

Champagne / Sparkling Openers.

Sleek, stylish and effective, our selection of champagne openers makes a wonderful addition to any bottle of fizz. Providing that perfect ‘pop’ for every celebration.

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