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Wine Glasses.

Whether your tipple is a deep red, crisp white or the fizziest bubbles, our range of Lehmann glasses are carefully designed in size, style & shape to suit every grape. Choose between tall stem or mouth-blown wine glasses to get the most from your bottle & deliver the perfect pour every time.


A wine decanter is a great way to get the best out of your bottle of wine. Decanting wine into a glass decanter introduces oxygen to the wine, which helps to release aromas and enhance flavours. Decanters are primarily used to improve red wines, but a champagne decanter does add a little extra sparkle to your bubbles & whiskey decanters are an impressive way to serve & store spirits.

Plastic Glassware.

Plastic wine glasses, cocktail glasses & champagne flutes make outside gatherings an easier & safer option, with the same elegant look.

Other Glassware.

Don’t forget your essential glassware like water tumblers & cocktail glasses – ideal for everyday use, tableware additions or those special occasions.

A selection of Waiters Friend corkscrews

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An open Waiters Friend wine corkscrew

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Thoughtful touches for your brand.

One stylish way to make a memorable impact is through customised products: from corkscrews and stoppers to ice buckets and pitchers, be a step ahead of your competitors and gift your clients with something special.

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