30 Inexpensive Wine Gifts For Wine Lovers

If you’re looking for a great gift for a wine lover, you’ve come to the right place. At The Waiter’s Friend Company, we specialise in a variety of wine accessories ranging from decanters to professional bar measures; we have something for everyone.

But it can be hard to know where to start. So, here’s a list of inexpensive, useful gifts for the wine enthusiast in your life.

painted wine glasses

1. Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are a modern and practical alternative to traditional stemmed glasses. They are also more durable and easier to store.

2. Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal wine glasses are a luxurious gift for wine lovers. They are known for their clarity, brilliance, and ability to enhance the flavour and aroma of the wine.

3. Hand-painted Wine Glasses

Hand-painted wine glasses are a fun and whimsical gift for wine lovers. Look for glasses that are painted with designs that reflect the person’s interests or hobbies.

4. Personalised Wine Glasses

Personalised wine glasses are a thoughtful gift for wine lovers. Look for glasses that can be etched or engraved with the person’s name, initials, or a special message.

5. Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses have a larger bowl and wider opening than white wine glasses, allowing for better aeration and enhancing the wine’s flavour and aroma.

6. White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses have a smaller bowl and narrower opening than red wine glasses, allowing for a more delicate aroma and flavour to come through.

7. Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are tall, narrow glasses designed to showcase the bubbles and aromas of sparkling wine. They are a brilliant gift for wine lovers who enjoy celebrating special occasions.

8. Wine Tumblers

Wine tumblers are short, wide glasses that are designed to be held in the palm of your hand. They are ideal for wine lovers who enjoy drinking wine outside or in informal settings.

9. Universal Wine Glass

Or if you’re not sure what type of glass to buy, a universal wine glass is an excellent option. They are versatile and suitable for a variety of different wines. These glasses are typically larger than standard wine glasses, with a wider bowl that allows the wine to breathe and develop its flavours and aromas.

red wine being poured from a wine decanter

Gifts for Wine Connoisseurs

10. Wine Glass Drying Rack

A wine glass drying rack is a practical and useful gift for wine lovers. It allows glasses to air-dry without leaving water spots or streaks.

11. Wine Decanter

A decanter can help aerate the wine, improving its taste and aroma. Look for one with a wide base and a long neck to allow for maximum aeration.

There are so many options for decanters, but our personal favourite is the port decanter and sippers set. With one decanter and four sippers, it’s a must-have for all the port lovers out there.

12. Wine Aerator

An aerator is a device that exposes wine to air as it’s poured into a glass, helping to enhance its flavour and aroma. It’s a good option for wine lovers who enjoy drinking red wines.

13. Wine Pourer

A wine pourer attaches to the top of a wine bottle to help control the flow of wine as it’s poured into a glass. We recommend this for wine lovers who enjoy hosting dinner parties.

14. Wine Chiller

A wine chiller keeps wine at the optimal temperature for drinking. There are many different wine chillers available, from countertop models to portable coolers.

15. Wine Rack

A wine rack is a great way to display and organise a wine collection. There are many different wine racks available, from tabletop models to large standing ones. The former is ideal for small spaces, and the latter is perfect as statement pieces.

wine glass charms

Unique Wine Gifts

16. Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are small decorative objects that are attached to the stem of a wine glass to help identify each person’s glass at a party. This is a brilliant option if you want something that’s a bit more personalised.

17. Wine Tote

A wine tote is a stylish and practical way to transport wine bottles. Look for totes that are insulated to keep wine at the proper temperature.

18. Wine Thermometer

A wine thermometer is used to measure the temperature of wine to ensure it’s served at the optimal temperature. It’s ideal for wine lovers who are serious about their wine-tasting experience.

19. Wine Chiller Stones

Wine chiller stones are made of granite or another natural stone and can be placed in the freezer and then added to a glass of wine to chill it. They are a useful gift for wine lovers who enjoy sipping wine slowly. No more over-diluted wine.

20. Wine Chiller Stick

A wine chiller stick is a device that can be inserted into a bottle of wine to chill it from the inside. Look for one that is made of stainless steel or another durable material.

21. Wine Bottle Socks

Wine bottle socks are decorative covers for wine bottles that look like socks. They are a fun and quirky way to dress up a bottle of wine.

wine glasses on a wine barrel

Wine-Themed Gifts

22. Wine Books

There are plenty of books on wine that can help wine lovers learn more about their favourite drink. Look for books that cover topics like wine history, grape varieties, and wine regions.

Our personal favourite is Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide by Madeline Puckette. It’s a fully comprehensive guide for serious wine drinkers.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, we recommend 101 Wines to Try Before You Die by Margaret Rand. It contains tasting notes and advice on vintages and pairing dishes, making it suitable for all types of wine drinkers.

23. Wine-related Experiences

Consider giving the gift of a wine-related experience, such as a wine-tasting or vineyard tour. These can be great opportunities to learn more about wine and to taste some unique wines.

24. Wine Subscription

A wine subscription service can be a good way to discover new wines and expand your palate. Many services offer monthly or quarterly deliveries of hand-selected wines.

wine bottle in an ice bucket

Cheap Wine Gifts

25. Wine Opener

A high-quality wine opener is a must-have for any wine lover. Look for one that is easy to use and has a sharp blade for cutting through the foil.

26. Wine Stoppers

A wine stopper is used to preserve the freshness of an opened bottle of wine. There are many different types of wine stoppers available, from basic rubber stoppers to decorative ones made of glass or metal.

27. Wine Bucket

A wine bucket is a large container filled with ice and water that can chill a bottle of wine. Look for one that is made of stainless steel or another durable material.

28. Wine Bottle Labels

Wine bottle labels are stickers that can be affixed to the front of a wine bottle. Look for labels with funny sayings or puns.

29. Wine Bottle Holders

Wine bottle holders are decorative and functional accessories that hold wine bottles in a horizontal position. Look for holders that are shaped like animals or other fun designs.

30. Wine Bottle Puzzles

Wine bottle puzzles are wooden or metal puzzles that require the recipient to solve a puzzle in order to open the bottle of wine. They are a fun and challenging gift for wine lovers.

The Bonus Gift

31. Wine Bottle Coasters

Wine bottle coasters are decorative and functional accessories that protect surfaces from wine stains. Look for coasters with funny sayings or designs.